Offering Essential and Quality Foundation Accessories

Slab Bolster (SB)

Slab Bolster with Runner (SBR)

Upper Heavy Beam Bolster (UHBB)

Standard Round Head Snaptie 2,250 lbs. SWL (ST-1)

Flat Ties (FT-1)

Wedge Bolt (FT-2)

Steel Wedge Clamp (ST-15)

Form Clamps (RC-22)

Pencil Rod 1/4" Coils or Straight (RD-24)

Threaded Rebar Couplers (RC-53, RC-54)

Setting & Splice Bars (RC-61, RC-63)

Zap Screwlock

Steel Stakes (CS-8)

Double Loop Tie Lengths



You can also get all of the foundation accessories you may need. We carry all varieties of snap ties, form accessories, and all varieties of tie wires. As is our standard practice, our accessories are available for immediate pickup or delivery.

High Chairs

When you need high chairs for spacing in between lower and upper reinforcement layers, we offer a large variety. We have them at any height starting at 3/4" and going up to 16" in half-inch increments. 

You can get them in epoxy, galvanized, or plastic-tipped. And the good news is—there's no waiting. All are in stock and available.